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4 Tips to Help You Develop an Annual Mobile Promotions Calendar

mobile promotion plans 2017

How many times have you thought about putting together a new mobile promotion but couldn’t do it until the last minute?

Have you watched another company take advantage of a mobile or promotional trend and wished your company had thought of it first? You may have missed a few opportunities in the past, but there’s still hope! You have a chance to turn things around.

Don’t let your marketing fall behind. Now, is the time to plan next year’s promotions. To help you get started ASAP, here are 4 tips to help you develop an annual mobile promotions calendar:

Seasonal Promotions

Running seasonal promotions is the best way to take full advantage of the sales boost your business may get at that time.

What are the high and low times of the year for your business? Are there consistent patterns in sales and traffic to your business that coincide with certain months of the year?

Plan your promotions so they coincide with these seasonal variations. This can help you maximize sales during your best months and help you get over the periods when sales slow down.


Christmas, Black Friday, Mother’s Day… nearly every business runs promotions during major holidays.

However, doing promotions for obscure or industry holidays can set you apart from the competition. If you’re looking for some ideas, you can find a list of bizarre, wacky, and unique holidays for 2017 here.

Some highlights from the list include:

Since fewer companies run promotions for these holidays, you’ll get the opportunity to explain what the holiday is about and how your customers can celebrate it with your promotion!


If your company regularly hosts product launch events or attends industry conferences, come up with creative ways to incorporate mobile promotion ideas into these events.

By offering a positive way for your fans to increase participation with your brand, you can get them to share your promotion and attract even more attention to your event.

Do Something Creative

When you plan your mobile promotions in advance by creating an annual promotions calendar, you’ll have plenty of time to allow your creative juices to flow! Think of ways to make your promotions fun and exciting (perhaps, by offering amazing prizes or tying in recent trends).

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The Best Place to Include Your Text-To-Win Call to Action? Right On Your Product


While there are a variety of ways to promote your text-to-win, there’s one in particular that consumer product manufacturers may overlook – the product itself.  

This is a technique our client, William Grant, recently used to promote their Ohana Sweep. They created a card to slip on wine bottles:


By using this method, they were able to incorporate the promotion without having to make changes to their existing product packaging.

In fact, this is a highly effective approach to promoting your sweepstakes and has many benefits.

Here are a few benefits to promoting your text-to-win right on your product:

You don’t have to change the packaging

You really don’t have to change the packaging for your product to include the call to action. Using a label, like William Grant did, or a sticker as a temporary solution while the sweep is running can be cost-effective.

You can also use the colors and design you already use for your brand and once the sweep is over, you’re quickly back to the regular packaging your customers are used to seeing.

Audience targeting is built-in

Since the text-to-win call to action will be shown only to the people who are most interested in your product, your existing customers, you don’t have to worry about finding an audience for your sweep. In this way, audience targeting is built-in, helping you to conserve your marketing budget for your campaign.

Helps your product stand out from the competition

Just like coupon labels/stickers get extra attention, so do sweepstakes labels. In addition, having a sweepstakes label on your product might even boost sales! Customers love promotions and if they see that there is a special offer on your product, they may be more inclined to buy it.

Customers can enter in-store or at home

With the ease of text-to-win, consumers can enter while they’re in the store or at home. There are essentially no restrictions for when and where they enter, which makes entering your sweep convenient for them.

However, you shouldn’t forget to create official rules and include an abbreviated set of rules on the front or back of your label. This will ensure you’re covered legally, so your sweepstakes doesn’t violate any laws or regulations.

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How Beer, Wine, Spirits & Other Consumer Products Can Get More Floor Space With a Text-to-Win Sweepstakes


Brick and mortar stores are very competitive retail environments and anything you can do to get more space, even temporarily, is worth it.

If you’re wondering how to get ahead of the competition, the name of the game in retail is floor or shelf space:

  • How much space does your product have?
  • How can you get more of it or get your products displayed in a better location?  

One of the best ways to bring more attention to your products in-store is by purchasing end cap space.

End cap space is space at the end of an aisle with a bigger display.

Given the returns that end cap space can drive for a business, the costs to buy end cap space are HIGH with the expectation that you will move a lot of product while it’s highly visible to buyers.

Retailers also generally require brands to run specific end cap space promotions to help their products stand out.

As a result, smart businesses, like the beer/wine distributors that we work with, have been using our sweepstakes to get end cap space and maximize their returns.

With end cap space, people don’t even have to look for your product in the aisle. They’ll see your promotion as soon as they walk into the store!

Here’s how it works in 3 easy steps:

  1. Setup: A retail end cap consists of three sections – the banner, the core, and the bottom. You’ll use the entire space to promote your brand and your product.

  2. Promote: The banner a the top of the end cap can grab attention and display the details of your text-to-win sweepstakes along with your SweepKey (see the illustration above).

  3. Sell: The core of the display is where you’ll showcase your product along with the bottom, which is where you’ll keep extra stock of your product.

This setup allows shoppers to purchase your product and sign up for your text-to-win sweepstakes at the same time, MULTIPLYING your sales and your customer base!

Using end cap space coupled with a text-to-win sweepstakes can drive some insane returns for your business.

Companies that optimize their in-store assets, including by buying end space, can see their sales grow by a whopping 5% to 15% each year.

Also, research shows that 83% of shoppers have made an unplanned purchase based on a promotion or coupon.

When you combine the benefits of a text-to-win sweepstakes with those of having an end cap, you’re pretty much guaranteed a very good return on your investment!

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Lay’s Text-to-Win Flavor All-Stars


Lay’s Case Study from Sweeppea

A national snack brand has reintroduced three new chip flavors and is giving fans the opportunity to earn rewards with a text-to-win.

Objective: To increase product sales and improve market share through modern marketing channels, such as social media and SMS. Frito-Lay is also using the promotion to help increase brand loyalty by nurturing more passionate followers through campaigns that are designed to appeal to customers’ unique snack flavor preferences.

Prize: $100 cash awarded in the form of a check payable to each winner.

Grand Prize: Lay’s® for a Year, which consists of 52 coupons that are each redeemable for one bag of Lay’s® brand chips.

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Bud Light Text-to-Win Ultimate Tailgate Sweepstakes


Bud Light Case Study from Sweeppea

A national beer brand is offering a text-to-win for football fans to win a tailgate package.

Objective: To increase product sales and improve product positioning for Bud Light beer.

Prize: A 6’x4′ tailgate trailer that includes a 30 amp breaker panel, coaxial outlet, 2000 watt portable inverter generator, grill mount, grill with cradle, TV mount, 32″ LED HD TV, portable satellite system with one receiver, 38″ 5.1 soundbar system, 10′ HDMI cable, and one cooler.

Ready to start a text-to-win campaign for your brand? Reserve Your Sweepkey now to get started with your campaign.

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King’s Hawaiian and Publix Supermarket Text-to-Win A Trip to the Pro Bowl


King’s Hawaiian and Publix Supermarket Case Study from Sweeppea

A national food brand teamed up with the Falcons football team to offer a text-to-win in supermarkets.

Objective: To boost product sales, improve retail space awareness and product positioning for King Hawaiian’s products.

Prize: $100 Publix Gift Card

Grand Prize: Paid Trip to the Pro-Bowl in Orlando, FL

Results: Hundreds of participants entered daily.

Client says: “We had awesome results from our sweepstakes. We really think Sweeppea had something to do with that. We will definitely propose to clients that we use Sweeppea in future sweepstakes!”

Would you like to market your brand via text-to-win? Reserve Your Sweepkey now to get started with your campaign.

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How Text-To-Win Turns Any Event Into an “Oprah Moment”


Did you ever notice how Oprah’s giveaways always seemed to excite her audiences with sheer joy?

You may have assumed that this was simply because the audience was being prompted to cheer. However, you’ve probably also overheard people who never went to a taping of her show gush about how awesome and exciting her giveaways were on “Oprah’s Favorite Things.”

Fortunately, there is now a way for you to create the same effect for your business. The answer is text-to-win. If you want to create an instant giveaway that makes the crowd jump for joy at your company’s next event, then hosting a text-to-win during the event is the way to go. In fact, this is how Blue Martini uses text-to-win.

Here is how text-to-win turns any event into an “Oprah Moment.”

Everybody Wins

No one likes to be a loser! With text-to-win, everybody wins. Offering prizes to multiple winners will make your audience feel the excitement while attending your event. Even those who didn’t win big prizes can get texts with smaller prizes. Best of all, you can present the prizes live at the event. If you want to skyrocket the number of selfies taken at your event, this is how you do it!

Look What I Won!

Although “Oprah’s Favorite Things” could be considered product placement, these segments were exponentially more effective in getting her more attention. This is because the segments appealed to the everyone’s inner voice, telling them: Treat yourself! You deserve it!

Since your audience will have nothing to lose by entering your text-to-win instant giveaway, you’ll appeal to their inner selves and they’ll be happy to brag to others about what they won while promoting your company in the process.

Deliver Instant Gratification

Millennials’ demand for instant gratification is shaping the future of marketing. What better way to tap into this primal urge than with prizes they can win immediately?

Most people already feel like they don’t have enough free time. By delivering something that they want right away AND for free, you’ll give them the dose of instant gratification they crave!

Instant giveaways make all events more fun! Wow your guests at your company’s next event with a text-to-win instant giveaway. Reserve Your Sweepkey now to get started with your campaign in under 10 minutes. 

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Text Message Marketing the Fastest Way to Reach Customers? 78% of Consumers Say ‘Yes’


Are you looking for the fastest and most effective way to reach your customers?

At Sweeppea, we’ve always believed that text messaging is the best way to reach consumers, given the fact that 90% of all text messages are read within the first 3 minutes after the message was received.

However, we’ve not had the opportunity to prove that this is true for consumers across the board until now.

Survey Data Proves the Effectiveness of Text Message Marketing

Fortunately, there is now data, backed by reports from real consumers, that proves the effectiveness of text message marketing. Recently, Vibes did a survey which asked consumers what they thought about the fastest communication to reach them.

The survey data, published to their Transactional Messaging Consumer Report 2016, found that 78% of consumers believe that text messaging is the fastest way for businesses to reach them. The survey also found that consumers even prefer text messaging over mobile email (48%), push notifications (32%), and emails sent on desktop or tablet devices (27%) as the fastest communication method to reach them through.

So why is text messaging so popular among consumers? Here are three reasons why it’s a major marketing channel that you should consider:

Consumers Are Going Mobile

The trend towards mobile has been in full swing for some time. However, the adoption of mobile devices is no longer only about social media and ecommerce. In fact, consumers are making the shift to mobile across all industries.

Text Messaging Is Convenient

In a recent survey of 1,000 internet users done by Ovum, nearly a third of survey respondents reported that sending a text message to a company was less time-consuming and more convenient than other ways of communicating with a company.

Text Message Use Has Remained Consistent

Another important thing to note about text messaging is the fact that consumers’ use of text messages has remained consistent over the years. In fact, most consumers have reported that they use text messaging more as the years pass rather than less. Most importantly, text messaging outranks phone calls as the preferred method of contact for millennials.

With so much evidence to prove that you can develop a loyal following for your business by using text message marketing, it’s safe to assume that developing a high ROI SMS marketing campaign for your business is possible. In fact, you just might see an immediate improvement in your marketing efforts if you roll out a text message marketing campaign today.

Are you ready to get started? Contact us or call us at (305) 505-­­5393 for help with setting up your (SMS) text message marketing.

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5 Holiday Sweepstakes Ideas for Your Text-to-Win

Retailers Can Show Their  Text-to-Win Offer on Their Store's Display Windows
Retailers Can Show Their Text-to-Win Offer on Their Store’s Display Windows

The holiday season is around the corner! 

Which means it’s time for you to start working on your company’s holiday text-to-win sweepstakes.  If you  aren’t sure what type of sweepstakes to run, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Here are 5 holiday sweepstakes ideas you can launch now for your text-to-win:

1. Text-to-Win for Members or Customers Only

If you have customers and followers that interact with your brand via a specific marketing channel, you can create a mobile sweepstakes just for them. It can be an extra bonus for joining your list, group or club or can be an incentive for your membership drive or campaign. Another option is to give customers a chance to win as a “thank you” for their business. Make sure they know it’s an exclusive opportunity and let new visitors know there’s an extra perk to being a loyal customer.

This is a great way to build a mobile holiday sweepstakes quickly, especially since you already have an audience that likely wants to participate.

2. Holiday Countdown Sweepstakes

Host a holiday countdown sweepstakes in the final days leading up to the holidays this year. In this format, you can give away multiple prizes to lucky winners. These kinds of multi-day sweeps with a new winner each day can build more excitement and attract more fans to your brand.

3. Instant Win Sweepstakes

Everyone loves winning right away and you can capitalize on that excitement with an instant win sweepstakes. Believe it or not, this can be run by text. Just set when the winner will be chosen in advance and it will happen automatically. For example, award instant winners every 50 entries or award one winner at entry number 250.

4. Procrastinator’s Christmas or New Year’s Eve

With a little humor, you can set yourself apart with a sweep right after the holiday. A local group used to have a Procrastinator’s New Year’s Eve party every year. It was a great success because it didn’t compete with other events on the actual holiday. Try a similar technique and have a little fun with it.

5. Sign Up and Win Sweepstakes

The holiday season is a great time to attract new customers.  Even a simple sign up and win sweepstakes will grow your subscriber list and make your offer available to a new audience.

If you haven’t already considered specific holiday promotions for your business, other than coupons and discounts, these 5 holiday sweepstakes ideas are easy to launch in our text-to-win platform. Sign up or contact us for help.

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5 Promotional Ideas to Boost Your Text-to-Win


Do you have a promotional strategy for your text-to-win?

If you want to see results quickly, plan out your moves before your mobile sweepstakes launches.

Here are 5 promotional ideas to boost your reach online and gain more entries for your text-to-win:

1. Influencer Outreach

Know any influential bloggers or personalities in your space? Have them help you get the word out to their social networks to leverage reach. If you don’t know influencers, don’t worry. There are millions of bloggers who write about various products and industries, so it shouldn’t be hard to find at least 5 or 10 to reach out to.  

Write a personalized email to each one about your campaign. Then, ask them to announce it on their blog or social profiles in exchange for free product or a major discount.

2. Email Your Subscribers

Send an email out to all of your subscribers to let them know that your sweepstakes will launch soon. You can give some hints about the prize available to get them excited. As soon as your mobile sweepstakes goes live, you should notify them via email.

3. Issue a Press Release

While you shouldn’t expect CNN to knock on your door, a press release can help you announce your sweep not only to the media, but also to consumers themselves. Releases can help bring traffic to your website and may even boost your search rankings. Both of these things will attract more entrants to your mobile sweepstakes.

Send out the press release on the day your text-to-win goes live.

4. Make a Teaser Video

If your mobile sweepstakes involves an expensive prize, make a teaser video to build the excitement. If the prize is a vacation, for example, try to get shots of the location from the prize destination. There may even be stock video. Be sure to include instructions on how to enter in your video or accompanying text!

5. Find a Prize Partner

If you want to attract as many entrants as possible, don’t go it alone. Find a related business to partner with and offer a bigger prize to both of your audiences. It’s a win-win with double the exposure. Remember to choose a company that is related, but not a direct competitor.